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About Copper Sheets

The shiny amber look of copper makes it one of the most unique metals on earth. Bring the beauty of this alloy to your home by using a copper sheet in renovations. Copper can be used almost anywhere in the home, but is typically seen on kitchen countertops, bathroom backsplashes, and foyer ceilings. When choosing a copper metal sheet for your renovation project, consider its thickness. A copper sheet can range from 1 mm to 16 mm, but typically sheets of mid-range thicknesses appear in houses as they are durable, yet still pliable. It is easier to choose the right dimensions if you opt for a copper sheet roll over pre-cut pieces. These rolls are also simpler to work with, as you can cut them to fit the area you want to cover. Reliable sellers on eBay offer sheets in various thicknesses, dimensions, and shapes. Additionally, both pristine copper and items with light scratches are available to suit your project needs.