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About Copper Pennies

The penny is the smallest currency in the United States, so many people overlook them, but if you really want a complete coin collection, then you need a few copper pennies. You may think that all pennies are copper, but that is not the case. Only coins from 1793 to 1857 were 100 percent copper. The rest are simply copper-plated. However, if the vintage coins are of no interest to you and you merely want to invest in precious metal, then consider copper penny bullion. The bullion coins are not for circulation. They are a collection or an investment piece. Many people purchase the copper pennies in bulk, and then resell them later after the value has risen. Look for the vintage pennies or copper penny rolls on eBay and get great deals from reliable sellers. Unlike paper currency, precious metal maintains its value better and it is fun to collect. However, do not forget to display at least one of the Lincoln head coins on your mantel.