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About Copper Bullion

While you settle down for the night, your take the change from your pockets and place them in the designated container. With so many pennies in the container, you figure that a better remedy is acquisition of copper bullion. As a superconductor, copper stands as a significant earth metal, and its usage is highly industrialized. This metal is available in several variations, including but not limited to: rounds or coins, shots, bullets, and bars or bullions. Interestingly, the copper bars come in various weights. The lightest bullion poundage is 1 ounce or 0.06 pounds, with a thickness of 0.13 inch. This bar has a length of 1.88 inches and a width of 1.13 inches. A heavier copper bullion, the 160-ounce or 10-pound bar, has a length of 5 inches and a width of 2.5 inches. Its thickness is also 2.5 inches. Similarly, the rounds range from 1 ounce with a 1.3-inch diameter to 5 ounces with a 2.4-inch diameter. All available products are of .99 fine copper. Fortunately, these aforementioned metal forms are available among the vast selection on eBay.