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About Cooling Fans

As every computer owner knows, heat is the enemy, and your cooling fan is your greatest defense. The higher your computer's clock speed, the more heat the processor generates. The more heat it generates, the more work your fan has to do to take it away. It may seem odd, because heat is motion, but your biggest weapon in the fight is movement—specifically, air movement. The idea behind a CPU fan is simple: the processor gets hot, and the heat goes to the heat sink, which then heats the air. After that, the fan comes along and moves the hot air out of the way, taking the heat with it. This is also why you need a cooling fan for your computer. It's all about using the air to pick up the heat and carry it away. Most of these fans draw on your computer's internal power, either 5 volts for the processor or 12 volts for a case fan. Take a look on eBay and see just how many choices you have. Don't trap heat inside your computer. Instead, take it out with a fan.