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About Cookie Monster Costumes

You are just as stumped as your toddler as to why Cookie Monster has no nose, perhaps he left it in the cookie jar? But since Cookie is your daughter's favorite character, you need a Cookie Monster costume to add to her ever-growing costume drawer. You can find Cookie Monster costumes for the whole family from the reliable sellers on eBay. For toddler Cookie Monster costumes, choose from a wide array of styles, including fuzzy full-body blue fur topped with an adorable blue cap with eyes on top. It is perfect if you live in a colder climate. Or select a frilly blue dress with cookie prints that comes with a headband of Cookie Monster eyes. If you want to join in the fun, browse the large selection of adult Cookie Monster costumes. Adult unisex pajamas are available with a fun, droopy hood that is sure to keep your kids entertained at bedtime. Professional Cookie Monster mascot costumes are also available including head, body, hands, feet, and tail. Costume options for infants and older kids are also listed.