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About Cookie Monster

Me want cookie. The Cookie Monster character has been a part of "Sesame Street" since its inception in the 1970s. His signature phrase did not develop until a little later, but his willingness to eat anything was born in his first appearance on the show, in which he almost ate Kermit the Frog. Your little ones are growing up with the monster muppet in the same way you experienced him and the other characters of "Sesame Street." If the Cookie Monster is a favorite of your children, you can bring the muppet into their everyday lives with fun items and toys. Pick out a new condition Cookie Monster hoodie to wear at home and school. An open-mouthed monster is easy to see on a cute kid's baseball hat. Or let your little ones dress up in a Cookie Monster costume for Halloween this year. All of this plus stuffed toys and more is available from the reliable sellers on eBay. And don't forget the cookies.