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About Control Arm Bushings

The concept of a vehicle's suspension may seem straightforward enough, until you begin to learn more about the different parts, as well as how they work to move your car. For example, a control arm bushing is a sleeve that enables the control arm to move up and down. Over time, this part is subject to wear and tear, and may eventually require replacement. If you notice symptoms such as steering that starts to feel loose or a general lack of control of the wheel, it may be time to replace this part. To get started on the repair, find a control arm bushing tool new or used from reliable sellers on eBay. You may find the individual tool or a package deal on the tool and the associated parts. There are many types of upper and lower control arm bushings to choose from, from polyurethane material to high strength steel tubing to ensure added durability and longevity. Get your vehicle back on the right side of the road, as safety is no laughing matter.

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