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About Contax G2

Sometimes, life strikes like a prophetic vision, rendering a single image indelibly on your mind and soul after just a moment of perception. With a Contax G2, you can hang onto these moments of beauty and transcendence with both hands. With a TLA 200 flash attachment, you can work around adverse lighting conditions ably while the twin-window autofocus lens provides the benefits of electronic precision and manual adjustability. A Contax G2 camera has a titanium housing that protects it from the bumps and bruises a camera can accrue during its operational life and the G series has an exceptionally high visual fidelity thanks to its digital processing sensors. A 35 mm Contax G2 boasts a shutter speed of 1/6000th of a second, meaning it captures laser-sharp images in a bare fraction of the time it takes many other cameras to do so. You can seal your memories in film with the press of a button. You can find a Contax G2 and many accessories in the vast inventory of cameras on eBay.

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