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About Confederate Currency

History buffs eagerly gobble up any piece of Civil War history they can get their hands on, and Confederate currency certainly fits within that description. The Confederate states printed their own bills after the break with the North, seeking to establish themselves as de facto nations. As a result, a number of extremely rare designs now exists in collections. Many such collections have been placed in a large inventory available on eBay, where you can find a wide array of options from America's bloodiest war. Cash from specific years, such as 1864 Confederate currency, can take any history lover back in time. In addition, those who like specific states can find, say, Confederate currency from Alabama, which was a southern stronghold during the war. Confederate currency is often fascinating in its design, as the layout is significantly different from traditional US bills. Often, the bills have designs depicting famous American and Southern leaders and landscapes. Sometimes, as many as three faces might adorn one side of the bill. It is a fascinating look back into history; a piece of Confederate currency is a piece of another world.

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