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About Conclave

Collecting conclave patches is a passion of all Boy Scouts. Conclave patches show all the places, regions, areas, and troops of different Boy Scout council meetings, events, and troops. They are a great collectible item. A C Conclave patch is given at a conference event and has been a part of the Boy Scouts for years. Imagine the nostalgia of having a patch from a conference event dated all the way back to the seventies. Another cool patch to collect is the Area Conclave. Represent your area from back in the day until now with these patches. The order of the Arrow patches are the creme de la crème—only scouts who were part of the honor camper society received these making them rare and a great investment piece for a collector. They come in cool odd shapes making them very sought after. Reliable sellers on eBay make it easy to collect these patches, new or used, without having to attend all these events. Get your patches and collect.