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About Conchos

Your grandpa always likes to say you had a little Native American blood in the family so you figure some Conchos will make an ideal gift for him. Conchos are small decorative additions to leather products, and are commonly found on saddles, belts, and boots. Traditional Conchos are usually flat and can come in a range of colors because even though the original silver Conchos were almost always made with coins, many other materials are now used, such as crystal or rhinestone. The original Conchos were created by Spanish-influenced Native Americans who hammered the coins flat and then attached them to leather clothing for decorative purposes. A Concho belt will make a great gift for anybody who wants to proudly show their Native American heritage, and you can find a great range of clothing items and accessories decorated with Conchos on eBay. With plenty of trusty sellers and a range of reliable shipping options, you can find every kind of Concho you can imagine, without having to spend all day trudging around the mall.

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