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About Concho Belt

You were always one to go for iconic designs and, in the world of accessories, a concho belt is one of the most intricate pieces you can choose to add an interesting touch to your outfits. The Navajo created this style of belt in the 1870s, inspired by the hair ornament and Mexican bridle decorations of the Plain Indians. The design also incorporates leather-stamping techniques learned from the Moors and the Spaniards. A Navajo concho belt often comes with oval or round pieces of silver embellished with gemstones. The name comes from the Spanish word "concha," which means "shell." Whether you are looking for a sterling concho belt or a copper one, the vast inventory of belts on eBay has something for all tastes. Most of the concho belts are still handcrafted from scratch according to the traditional standards. Vintage concho belts have become collectors' items and they often have a high monetary value. Wear your concho belt with a boho dress or just with a pair of jeans and a shirt for that laid-back feminine look.

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