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About Concave Wheels

An elegant curve, a shallow dish, an arresting style; concave wheels give your ride a look and feel that makes it stand out in the crowd. Trends come and go in the automotive industry, but the classy profile you get from a set of 22-inch concave wheels is timeless. Conceived by Jordan Swerdloff of the defunct company 360 Forged, but quickly emulated by other manufacturers, the concave wheel design offers a way to add some interest to your car without going overboard with spinner hubs or neon lighting. The spokes of the concave wheels curve gracefully towards the hub center, so when the wheel is face up on a flat surface, the face is a bowl shape. When fitted, the curved spokes arc inwards toward the suspension with very pleasing aesthetic results that are modern and muscular. Many big name companies produce this kind of wheel, including Vossen, Asanti, and Axis, and various sizes and colors are available. This makes it easy to find high-chrome 20-inch concave wheels, machined black 19-inch wheels, or whatever other style you need, among the large inventory on eBay.