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Shop the extensive inventory of hair care and styling products including women's Conair hair accessories!

About Conair Infiniti

The time you have dreaded for years has come to pass: your tween-age daughter locks herself in bathroom for hours upon end trying to make her hair presentable. You have used the Conair Infiniti line for years, and now is the perfect time to introduce them to your daughter. On the days she wants beautiful wavy hair, she can use the Conair Infiniti curling iron. It heats up quickly and, with adjustable heat levels, will never be too hot to damage her hair. Other days, of course, she will want her hair to be as straight as a board. That is when the Conair Infiniti straightener comes in handy. A ceramic base gives hair a gorgeous shine while, at the same time, preventing frizz and static. Whatever Conair Infiniti product she ultimately decides on, eBay is the place to shop. Reliable sellers have a variety of models, so she is sure to find just the right one.