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About Compression Tester

Your vehicle keeps overheating and you suspect a blown head gasket is to blame. To test your theory, you need a compression tester from the large inventory available on eBay. An engine compression tester typically has one or two pressure gauges, which identify the cylinder pressure and percentage of cylinder leakage, and many units are able to work on both foreign and domestic engines. These units can identify several issues within the engine, including worn valves and piston rings, as well as blown head gaskets and cracks in the cylinder. Many units are compatible with 0.39-, 0.47-, or 0.55-inch spark plugs, and many can measure 0 to 1,000 psi. If you have a diesel engine, you need a diesel compression tester to perform these tests, as these kits include the pressure gauge, as well as several adapters that are compatible with many of the most common diesel engines. A compression tester is an easy way to identify problem areas within your engine, so you can quickly diagnose the issue to get back on the road with little down time.