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About Completed Cross Stitches

Nothing says "Home Sweet Home" both literally and figuratively like a beautifully handmade, completed cross-stitch piece. Somehow, the colorful threads and soft textures of the cross-stitch images manage to cast a magical warmth over any room in which they are placed. A completed framed cross stitch hanging on your wall or propped on your side table adds the perfect homey touch. Decorate your den or bedroom with intricate animal, landscape, or floral pieces, or hang an inspirational saying on your kitchen wall. Pick out a cheery, brightly colored completed cross-stitch card or two for your children's rooms. How about Snoopy relaxing on a bed of flowers or Disney's Pinocchio? And if you are looking for something beyond home decor, you can find completed cross-stitch designs on quilts, towels, pillows, and even baby bibs. Thanks to the numerous reliable sellers and large selection on eBay, home decor and original gifts are right there at your fingertips.

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