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About Compacts

A woman’s makeup is her dirty little secret, and the evolution of the powder compact only adds evidence to this. Take yourself back to the time when you could hide your makeup in plain sight with a vintage powder compact. Who’s going to know that you’re touching up your makeup when you’re wearing it as a locket, or it’s hidden in the back of your mirror? Or, take a step forward in time and get a more decorative compact that you’ll never be afraid to show off. Some famous names like Stratton’s "Waterfowl" series are going to make your collection a little more valuable, but what matters most is the compact that makes you happy. No matter what kind of piece you’re looking for, you can find it in great new or collectible condition, from the reliable sellers on eBay. Find a piece that can be loved, not just by you, but by your children and those who love you for years to come. Don’t just make up your face: Make up your memories.