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About Comp Cams

Misfiring and popping sounds and sensations are both common when comp cams are not working properly. When this is happening, however, the engine is working and the idle is generally okay. An SBC comp cam is an integral part of an engine's internal combustion system, which enables the car to run. Depending on the part that is malfunctioning, the engine does not get what it needs to function efficiently. If the comp cams roller rockers are not working properly, for example, the engine is not getting adequate horsepower and too much friction is occurring. It is important that the comp cams and all associated parts are working as they should, or else the engine does not work at its highest level to power the vehicle and make for a safe and satisfying driving experience. You can find the parts you need on eBay so that your vehicle can quickly be restored to its highest level of performance and functionality. Reliable sellers on eBay offer convenient shipping options, as well.

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