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About Commercial Sink

Designing a commercial kitchen often starts with the equipment necessary for cooking, but aspiring restaurateurs also need to find the right commercial sink. The buying criteria for commercial and residential sinks vary for several reasons, durability playing the most important factor. Kitchen equipment must be able to withstand constant exposure to high heat and humid climates. A commercial stainless steel sink is the best type, and will last for several years. Stainless steel not only withstands exposure to constant heat, it also does not scratch or dent, even during the apex of Saturday night volume. A three-compartment sink provides restaurateurs with one sink for soaking, one for washing, and one for rinsing kitchen equipment such as stock pots and mixing bowls. Commercial kitchens also include a number of commercial hand sinks that comply with local public health regulations. They conveniently attach to the side of a wall, and contain deep wells that allow you to maximize any adjacent space. When it is time to replace your commercial sink, purchase a new or used one by shopping with a reliable eBay seller.

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