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About Commemorative Half Dollars

Ever since you retired, your better half has been begging you to take up a hobby. Gazing at the commemorative half dollar your dad gave you years ago, you consider coin collecting. Coins and their history have always fascinated you, and what a great foundation upon which to build a hobby. These coins are only made by acts of Congress, usually to honor a person, place, or event. Your commemorative silver half dollar is a 1951 Booker T commemorative coin. What you really want to find, as kind of a centerpiece to your collection, is a 1936 Long Island commemorative half dollar. Your dad was born that year, and you were born in Long Island, so the coin has sentimental value. Instead of wandering around from store to store, find your commemorative half dollar right on eBay. There are many reliable sellers that offer a large variety of different coins. This means you do not have any problems finding just the right one to add to your collection.