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About Comme Des Garcons

Even the Icelandic singer Bjork could not resist the charm of the Japanese fashion label and Rei Kawakubo's designs. If you want to replicate some of her outfits, or maybe those of Lady Gaga, buying Comme Des Garcons clothes from reliable sellers on eBay is the way to go. A number sellers offer a large inventory of cardigans, shoes, T-shirts, and wallets labeled Comme Des Garcons or Comme Des Garcons Play. The Tokyo and Paris based company was established under this name in 1973, but it has been producing women's garments since 1969. The label is famous for its anti-fashion stand, its sober style, and its deconstructed garments made of distressed fabrics. Comme Des Garcons shirts and the label's jeans featuring a destroy look represent the preferred clothing items of many young people. Following the success of their line of feminine clothing, the brand added a menswear line back in 1978, followed by one of perfumes in 1994, and one of jewelry in 2006. The collaboration with other designers like Junya Watanabe, Fumito Ganryu, and Tao Kurihara resulted in further diversification of the label's range of products.