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About Commander Cody

The words "Execute Order 66" cost hundreds of lives and change the entire course of events in the Star Wars saga. Commander Cody is a minor character throughout Star Wars Episode 3, but his role becomes pivotal when Emperor Palpatine gives that infamous order. As a clone, he acts according to specific training and programming, and when he receives that order, he and the clones under his command begin an emotionless slaughter of the Jedi. Played by Temuera Morrison in the Star Wars movies, Commander Cody also appears in various video games and books within the franchise. Fans can purchase Star Wars Commander Cody as an action figure, or they can order a Lego Star Wars custom Commander Cody to complete their Lego Star Wars collection. Shop on eBay to find a Commander Cody figure or toy in new or used condition available from eBay's reliable sellers. With your Commander Cody in hand, you can reenact one of the most dramatic scenes in the Star Wars saga.