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About Combination Lock

Left 36…right 13…left 29…what comes to mind when you hear those words? Perhaps this was the magic code for the old combination lock on your high school locker? Combination locks have come a long way over the years, but they still use the same basic method to keep your belongings secure until you need them. Once the lock is securely in place, you have to use a specific combination to unlock it. The master lock combination normally ranges from three to five different numbers, entered in a specific order, and usually requires you pass zero before stopping on each number. In addition to a series of numbers, some combination locks need a key. Commonly found on doors, digital touch combination locks are especially convenient if you find yourself losing your keys on a daily basis. Reliable sellers on eBay offer combination locks for lockers, sheds, safes, and doors. Choose the lock you need to keep anything from your lawn care tools to your textbooks easily accessible to you and you alone.