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About Combat Shirts

Whether you're on the battlefield or hunting field, make sure you're protected and comfortable in a combat shirt. Originally designed exclusively for wearing under body armor, the material is lightweight to wick away body heat as well as moisture; it is also flame-resistant. Find a black, brown, gray, woodland, or multicam combat shirt on sites such as eBay, where new and used combat shirts are available, among which you can pick and choose at your leisure. A typical desert combat shirt often includes features such as elbow pads, a zip collar for easy removal, loops to hold credentials in the field, tape holder, and gusseted sleeves, which make the long-sleeve shirt fit without cinching around the wearer's arm. This shirt is often abbreviated as ACS, or Army Combat shirt, part of the ACU, or Army Combat Uniform—anybody wearing this shirt knows their body is in good hands as they take on the day and whatever challenges lie ahead.