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About Columbian Emeralds

Green is the color of envy, and your friends may very well envy you with a dazzling green emerald on your finger. Many countries around the world mine emeralds, but a Colombian emerald generally ranks as one of the finest quality emeralds available. The very best specimens are actually more valuable than some diamonds. Natural emeralds tend to have at least a few flaws or inclusions. Natural Colombian emeralds should come with a certificate of authenticity provided by the seller. Some producers artificially color less valuable emeralds to enhance the green. Other producers hide natural flaws with oils or synthetic fillers. Artificial treatments lower the value of the gems, which is why finding a reputable dealer is critical when purchasing a Colombian emerald. eBay features a range of reliable sellers who offer Colombian emerald rings and other stunning pieces of emerald jewelry. Convenient options are available to have your purchases shipped right to your door.