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About Columbia Phonographs

The invention of the record paved the way for the digital music people love to play on their MP3 players and iPods. Celebrate the origins of music with a vintage Columbia phonograph. First invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison, the device became the go-to choice for entertainment for many Americans. Small enough to transport from place to place, users had the ability to provide musical entertainment for guests in any room of the house. Antique phonographs make nice display items for collectors. The large cylindrical speaker blares the tunes, while the tiny needle plays the records. For vinyl-loving music fans, a phonograph or some other type of record player is necessary in order to listen to their favorite songs. Hand cranks powered many original phonographs, requiring listeners to use a little muscle when playing their music, but later models included power jacks. Restore a Columbia phonograph with parts and pieces like an aluminum horn, crank, and gaskets. Search the large inventory on eBay to find a Columbia phonograph to add to your collection and return to your musical roots.

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