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About Colored Vinyls

Records are so retro, and colored vinyl is even more so. These make awesome collectors' items to decorate the walls, as you may not want to keep these multi-hued works of art in their covers. Vinyl was meant to see and to hear. It makes a statement just like the brightly contrasting hues of split-color albums, or glow-in-the-dark fun of phosphorescent greens. Colored vinyl records were a prized rarity of the Hi-fi era. Fans were not only excited to get their favorite Elvis songs, but they could also stand apart with a vintage "Moody Blue" blue vinyl. New colored vinyl records are still precious, by virtue of their low production rates. Although records have lost much of their appeal with the digital era, some fans still hold this analog close to heart. Rediscover the quality of sound that comes with a vinyl lot of albums, so you can have your pick of several. You can start off with reproductions of popular albums or build up a collection of modern artists through reliable eBay sellers. Then get your groove on.