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About Colored Pencils

From the first scribbles of a delighted preschooler to the expert strokes of a master artist, colored pencils bring a wonderful range of hues and shades to our lives. Though their origin is unclear, the use of colored pencils gained ground in the early 20th century. It was then that manufacturers first started producing professional colored pencils, ones that used water-soluble and oil-based colors that were bright and lightfast. Artists, including the likes of Jackson Pollock and D.J. Hall, used colored pencils to create enthralling works of fine art. With the many types of colored pencils available, and the different techniques you can use, it is possible to create anything from a basic sketch to a photo-realistic drawing with incredible amounts of intricate detail. Reliable sellers offer colored pencils of all sorts, ranging from artist-grade colored pencils to Crayola colored pencils for budding young artists, on eBay. An alluring world of color is just a few pencil strokes away.