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About Colored Diamonds

The Hope Diamond, a massive 45.52-carat gem, is perhaps the most famous diamond in the world, but it also has a deep blue color, making it the most recognizable colored diamond of all time. Nature produces diamonds in a rainbow of colors, but the most plentiful are those clear white diamonds that adorn engagement rings. A natural color diamond can be cut to have the same fire and brilliance as a clear diamond, and in some cases these colorful diamonds are more valuable. They are also out of the ordinary and special. If your sweetheart loves color and does not mind standing out from the crowd, ask her to marry you with a colored diamond ring. Some colored diamonds adhere to their own grading scale, such as the yellow diamonds that carry grades like " fancy intense" for a deep yellow and "fancy vivid" for an even deeper yellow, so be sure to familiarize yourself with these scales before you buy. Sellers on eBay offer these prismatic gemstones from a wide range of global vendors with everything from loose diamonds to exquisite pieces of new and antique diamond jewelry.