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About Color Pens

After a recent phone call from your son's English teacher, who sarcastically remarked that your dog must be obese considering all the homework it has eaten, you realize that something needs to be done. You know your son avoids vocabulary lessons and essays like the plague and dodges book reports with every chance he gets, but with a little luck, if you give him colored pens, he might finally turn in an assignment on time. Kids are easily entertained, and when you make things fun, they are more inclined to play along. With a little splash of color, you can turn the task of writing from dreary to cheery. On eBay, you can browse a large selection of new colored pens by brands such as Paper Mate, Bic, and Sakura in a variety of colors to get your son on track. Reliable sellers offer colored gel pens in many stylish colors with handy clips that he can attach to his notepads. You can also shop by brand and find a nice assortment of BIC colored pens instead.