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About Collages

You have so many beautiful pictures of your children; you cannot choose which ones to display. Show them all off with a collage of photos for a stunning and heart-warming display. There are several ways to group pictures together for the most impact. You can use a collage picture frame to tell a story, with each picture showing your child's progress through school, scouts, or sport, adding a photo for every year. You can do the same with a favorite hobby or activity, with early pictures showing how he learned a new skill, with pictures of the finished projects after he achieved mastery. If you want to show off the many photos of your loved ones, but find the clutter of separate photos overwhelming, collage photo frames can collate these into one main focal point. Use several photos from one big family event, such as a wedding or graduation. You can also add interesting two-dimensional pieces, such as childhood art, diplomas, and certificates to tell the whole story. Browse the vast selection on eBay for scrapbooking supplies and collage frames, and get the creative side out when showing your pride.