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About Coin Watches

There is no better gift for a man who collects vintage coins and Swiss watches than a coin watch. Your husband had let slip his new fascination with the production of such watches and, while you barely listened to his long-winded exposition, you knew what he would be getting for his next birthday. Coin watches are as valuable as the coins installed in them. A gold coin watch, for example, can be valued by the karat of the gold or the numismatic value of the coin itself. You can easily imagine your husband spending a weekend calculating that value, but, for you, the joy it will bring him is priceless. Beside the gold and the coin, the brand of the watch can also add to the value of a coin watch. For a truly rare specimen, get a Corum coin watch. Not only is Corum a luxurious Swiss watch brand, but also the coin used in this watch is the increasingly rare 10-dollar Liberty coin or 20-dollar Double Eagle coin. Fortunately, you can find this watch among the wide selection of premium and collectible wristwatches offered by reputable sellers on eBay.