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About Coin Pearls

You remember the moment like it was yesterday—your glamorous mother sitting in front of the mirror at her dressing table, asking you to choose a suitable accessory for her party outfit. Not wanting to disappoint her, you notice her shiny white coin pearls amid the jumble of costume and precious jewelry on her dresser. The flat, button-like appearance of these unique pearls sets them apart from the chaos, so you carefully select them from the pile. Naturally eye-catching coin pearl jewelry showcases the second most lustrous type of freshwater pearl available. Although somewhere along the way, that coin pearl necklace was lost, you still recall the way your mother smiled when she saw how the coin pearls matched her polka-dot dress perfectly that day. With help from reliable eBay sellers, it's easy to locate high-quality new and pre-owned cultured pearl jewelry. Now that you're plenty old enough to buy your own jewelry, maybe you can find a vintage necklace just like Mother used to wear.