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About Coin Operated

Coin-operated candy dispensers, coin-operated pool tables, coin-operated this and coin-operated that including slot machines—what will they think of next? Of course, this technology has been around for a while, but usually one thinks of it as something owned by "them" and used by "us," something you buy stuff from in hospitals, gas stations, and the break room at work, not something to have around the house. It's easy to acquire, though, either as antiques or in more up to date versions, and makes a great conversation piece. You can be generous and set it up with a bowl of coins nearby, or be stingy and make people part with their spare change to get candy or gum or play a game of pool. (Hey, it beats standing on the corner with a sign and your hand out.) The machines are available in wide varieties on eBay. A popular favorite is the coin-operated pantyhose vending machine for display in the back yard.