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About Coin Collections

If you'd like to hear some of the world's oldest stories, or want to own something that usually appreciates in value, get a coin collection. Coins date back to 650 BC in Lydia, now part of Turkey. Their composition, condition, and marks tell about the place and time they were created. As well, they often have intrinsic bullion value, such as silver or gold, apart from their historical value. A U.S. coin collection, however, does not go as far back in time as an ancient one from Lydia. It does have immense American historical interest though, and great value as well, due to the metals involved in the collection, the rarity of particular choices, or the completeness of a particular category in the collection. A silver coin collection is of particular interest to many collectors due to the silver value of many of the specimens, and due to the rarity of certain others. Silver dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars contain 90 percent silver, and have an intrinsic value tied to the silver market apart from the face value. Rare silver pieces are collectible due to unique qualities, such as being uncirculated. Coins interest many as a hobby, and others as an investment. Begin with the ones in your pocket, or browse eBay's world of collectible options sold by reliable sellers.

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