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About Coin Books

Whitman Publishing pioneered the use of coin books in the 1930s when it hired commercial artist Richard S. Yeoman to work on its line of puzzle books. Yeoman was a coin collector, and he became interested in applying the firm's cardboard products to create an easy-to-handle coin holder book with folding panels. Yeoman brought millions of novice collectors into the hobby with the inexpensive Whitman coin books that made cataloging and displaying collections simple and fun. He also led the way in producing price guides for all sorts of coins to provide an incentive for budding numismatists to build their collections. Yeoman's efforts led to a wide range of more than 300 coin books before his retirement in 1970. Just as Richard Yeoman worked to popularize the hobby by making it easier for beginners, dependable sellers on eBay expand the hobby by making it easy to find the widest selection of coin collecting supplies and books available anywhere.