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About Coin Bezel

Many coin collections are just stored away, gathering dust, but you can display yours with a coin bezel. Show your love of old coins and money by creating a pendant that you wear. A gold coin bezel protects your collectible by providing a frame around it that is attached to a chain. This allows you to wear your favorite item, and it makes a great conversation piece. Choose from gold, silver, and gold-filled to create a stylish look. Use it to frame any denomination, from a dollar to a half-dollar or smaller. Pick up a nickel coin bezel or one designed for dimes or pennies. Since they come in all sizes, it's a great idea to buy more than one so you can have a choice in pendants to wear. Look for new and used items from reliable sellers on eBay to find just what you need. Buy one for yourself or pick one up as a thoughtful gift for your favorite collector. A coin bezel allows you to take your collection and turn it into a showpiece. Why not wear your prized possessions proudly instead of keeping them tucked away in a box?