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About Coin Banks

While the allure of die cast cars as a child might have been the fantastic explosions you envisioned as they raced high speed alongside the edge of the couch and someone lost control and fell to the carpet below, your tastes have grown. Now you collect things like a vintage Chevy Panel truck out of an enthusiasm for the classic designs. At least that's what you tell people. There are those illicit races along the back of the couch you don't mention to people where you pit that pre-loved 1955 Chevy against all comers to see who gets the last handful of popcorn: you or you. Those clearly have no bearing on the other die cast cars available from eBay's reliably sellers though. Various models are available representing the classic truck design and its model years. You even find a 1949 Chevy amidst them all. Paint jobs and sponsors change the look of each die cast Chevy Panel truck, but you're pretty sure it won't affect the outcome of the next race. You might be a little biased though.