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About Coil-Over Shocks

You race in and out of the cones and make it back to the booth to collect your time stamp. Your Time Attack slip was slower than your best record, and now it is time to readjust your coil-over shocks and attempt to find that perfect suspension setting. Coil-overs suspension systems appear on many of today's production cars and racecars. A coil-over is a coil spring mounted on top of a shock. Unlike coil-over sleeves, the unit is one-piece with the shock. Adjustable coil-over shocks feature the same design, but offer several levels of height adjustment as opposed to one permanent fit. Each side of the car becomes adjustable to make up for the harshness of the road. Racing coil-over shocks offer more levels of adjustability, such as damping, ride-height, and corner weight adjustment. The extra damping settings allow the coil-overs to stiffen or soften the feel of the ride. There is a large inventory of coil-over shocks available on eBay, so hunt down the parts, adjust your coil-overs, find the perfect setting, and get yourself back to the track.