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About Cognac Diamonds

Smoky, elegant, exotic—a cognac diamond brings to mind many sensual adjectives, all of which can also apply to the wearer. Born out of extreme heat, cognac diamonds are the darkest natural colored diamonds, ranking a C7 on the C1-C7 Argyle Diamond color scale. This earthy stone may not be for every user, but those who incorporate this rare champagne diamond will likely have a timeless, natural, and exotic look that is offset by a cognac diamond ring. Cognac diamond jewelry isn't just for women, however—the dark coloring of this gem makes it ideal for men's fashion, and many high-end stores carry cufflinks and rings with cognac diamonds embedded. The color of this stone makes it versatile as an embellishment to jewelry—it can be set against white, yellow, or rose gold or silver, and can cohabit with sapphires, rubies, white diamonds, peridot, aquamarine, and more. Find the right cognac diamond accessory to spice up your wardrobe on eBay, where new, used, and refurbished jewelry is available. Give your outfits a taste of the exotic with this rare and eye-catching gem.