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About Coca-Cola Bottle

POP glug, glug, glug, fizz a-h-h. The sounds associated with opening a Coca-Cola bottle are as iconic as the product itself. In May of 1886, Atlanta pharmacist, John Stith Pemberton, invented a syrup, poured it into a jug, and toted it to Jacob's Pharmacy, where it was tasted and deemed "excellent." The addition of carbonated water made a refreshing beverage, which was marketed as a soda fountain drink. Surprisingly, Coca-Cola sales only averaged a modest nine glasses per day for the first year of business. While Coke profits have certainly changed, so has the Coca-Cola bottle, which is popular among collectors. Originally, the beverage was offered in a short-necked, glass container resembling a milk bottle, but quickly moved to a straight side Coca-Cola bottle with a longer neck. Eventually, a curvier edition became Coca-Cola's permanent home, evolving from glass to plastic and from pull-top to twist-off. Enthusiasts and collectors can find a variety of vintage Coke products on eBay, offered through reliable sellers. Whether looking for bottles, caps, tin signs and trays, or a Coca-Cola bottle opener, there is something for everyone. Shoppers can make an easy, online purchase with one hand while enjoying a refreshing bottle of Coke with the other.

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