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About Cobra Intake

After all of these years, you finally got your dream car, a 1996 Ford Mustang. Although it needs some work (like a new Cobra intake), luckily for you, you know where to get a good deal on the parts and how to do the work yourself. Additionally, a few of your friends have volunteered to help you get the Mustang ready for the big car show coming up in two months. After your friend checks the Mustang for any other parts it may need, he provides you with a list of things that you still need to acquire. He tells you that it would improve your car’s proficiency if you replaced both the Mustang Cobra cold air intake and the Mustang Cobra intake manifold, so immediately, you think of eBay and order the parts that you need right away after finding them within the listings on the site. Your friend also suggested some cosmetic work, so after installing the parts that you ordered, you and your friends gave your Mustang a beautiful paint job. You couldn’t have been prouder at the car show, especially when everyone there remarked about how impressive your new ride was.