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About Cobra Heads

Shop the extensive inventory of car and truck parts including cylinder heads and parts for Chevrolet vehicles!

The Mustang Cobra offers some of the most amazing power ever produced by Ford, and for the lucky few who still own one, keeping it in top condition is essential. That is why the reliable sellers of eBay offer some of the best brand new Cobra heads so you can keep your prized ride on the road. Cobra DOHC heads with multi-layered steel construction provide durable, long lasting quality that you can count on. Providing increased intake and exhaust, Cobra cylinder heads bring more horsepower and torque out of your ride so you can blast off the line and climb hills easier than ever before. Easy install kits make it simple for nearly anyone to install the heads themselves, or take them to a shop for easier installation. Many different Cobra models use different heads, so be sure to check your exact model before purchase. With a brand new set of Cobra heads on your prized ride, your Mustang can come to life like never before.