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About Cobra Amps

The Cobra Amp is a thoughtful and original piece of golfing equipment, not only because of its three adjustable face-angle settings, but also because of how the entire club adjusts as each setting clicks into place. A young type of club with flair, youth and promise, the Cobra Amp didn’t simply rest on its tempting modern looks, and is backed by impressive research, development, and engineering. The vastly improved driver is designed to help players with a slower style swing get a little more speed on the ball, and also allow faster swingers to harness their power and establish a bit more control on the golf course. The Cobra Amp driver, associated clubs, and comparable Cobra Amp gear, are available from reliable sellers on eBay. Browse for Cobra Amp clubs to take advantage of the intuitive golf technology wired between the grip and club head, or find a Cobra Amp driver in a complete golf set, like a Cobra Amp iron set. Lower your par and up your game with the right equipment, and really show your golf buddies what you’re made of the next time you spend a weekend on the links.