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About Coach Lanyards

In order to feel organized, you need to have everything in one place — keys, driver's license, work-issued photo identification or security clearance card, credit cards, and cash. Help to keep your inner organizer firmly in check by choosing from the vast inventory on eBay of cute and functional Coach lanyards. They pair the instantly-recognizable designer patterns and leather detailing that Coach is known for with the practicality of a lanyard, and include features like a detachable clip, multi-slot pockets, and tethering strap. They also provide the owner a chance to show off a little personality with finishes and designs that range from fun and funky to polished and professional. A Coach leather lanyard may have embossed designs with the signature C design, or a smooth and supple surface with the Coach name stamped at the bottom. Prints come in an assortment of styles and colors to fit a wide range of design preferences. Show off your fun yet classy side with the muted animal print of a Coach ocelot lanyard, or try a bold color pattern if you want something that stands out. Coach lanyards are a great way to express your individuality in a useful and stylish manner.