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About CND Shellac Polish

Going through life hands-first is just how humans are programmed to operate. Tolerating chipped and mangled nail polish is commonplace for everyone — until the creation of CND Shellac polish, of course. This innovative beauty product is applied using a series of CND Shellac nail polish coats with each step requiring a UV lamp to cure the polish. CND Shellac polish even lasts up to 14 days chip free if correctly applied with the Shellac UV lamp set for up to two minutes for each polish stage. There is zero dry time, so once your nails are polished and the UV lamp has cured a final top coat, you can go about your day without the fear of destroying your fresh new manicure. Within the vast inventory on eBay, several options for CND Shellac nail polish sets are available with a variety of glossy and superior color options. Making time out of your busy day to give yourself an indestructible mani is not only something you deserve, but after years of chipped nails, it is something you are owed.