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About CND Shellac Kits

Get beautifully manicured nails that are smudge-proof and last for weeks without chipping when you order CND Shellac kits on eBay. Shellac is a special formula that brushes onto the nails like regular nail polish — however, it is actually a type of resin secreted from the lac bug. No sculpting or filing is needed, but the Shellac needs to be cured under the CND Shellac kit lamp for approximately 2 minutes for every coat that is applied. The 36-watt UV lamp included in the kit plugs into any standard outlet. When choosing CND Shellac polish kits from the wide assortment available, you should consider the amount of colors that are offered within each kit, whether a base coat is included for protecting your nails, and whether the CND Shellac kits also contain Shellac remover wraps in the event that mistakes happen. Keep in mind that Shellac nail polishes are most ideal for those with natural nails and nail beds that are healthy. Most professionals and experts would recommend against using the kits if your nails are currently splitting, peeling, or recovering from damages that are a result of acrylic or gel enhancements.