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About Clyde Drexler

Although you will not see it on any Clyde Drexler card, the Hall of Fame basketball player had one of the best nicknames in professional sports. Known for his smooth moves and elegant footwork on the court, Drexler was widely called Clyde "The Glide" Drexler. The Glide played for two teams throughout his NBA career: the Portland Trailblazers and the Houston Rockets. He won an NBA Championship with the latter in 1995. A first ballot Hall of Fame inductee, Drexler is considered one of the premier players in the history of the game, sharing an era with greats like Michael Jordan. In fact, Drexler was among the players on the highly touted Dream Team, which won gold in 1992. One of the most prized pieces of memorabilia from his career is a Team USA Clyde Drexler jersey. Of course, one can also enjoy the unparalleled moves of the Glide in a Clyde Drexler poster. You can find these items and many others from the trustworthy sellers on eBay. While most examples of a Clyde Drexler card do not include his awesome nickname, if you are lucky enough to find an autographed one, you might just see "The Glide" written in by the man himself.

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