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About Clutch Purse

You like to call it your Mary Poppins moment: the time when you endlessly dig through your bag to find just that one thing. This is why, for those important events when you need to make the right impression, a clutch purse is perfect. Clutches are similar to a wallet, but with more of a statement to make. Their simple, minimalistic design adds a certain air of style and class. Of course, you will have to decide on the right type of clutch, which is where eBay, which offers a variety of options, enters the picture. An envelope clutch tends to work with most outfits, while a designer clutch fits better with nighttime adventures. A sequin clutch is also perfect for elegant evenings, depending on the style. Perhaps a frilly Louis Vuitton clutch to go with that red designer dress, or you could try a Vera Bradley wallet clutch to match a more casual outfit like jeans and a nice sweater. The beauty of a clutch purse is that it allows you to travel with only the essentials. Leave the Tiffany lamp at home.