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About Cluster Bulbs

Only as the darkness fell, did you notice that the faint, red color lighting up the instrument cluster in your GM truck had died. You need to replace the cluster bulbs if you want that homely glow back to accompany your evening rides. Besides, without those bulbs to light up your dashboard, driving at night can be dangerous. Whether you decide to change them yourself or take the truck to a repair shop, you will need to find replacement GM cluster bulbs. You can find these among the large selection of affordable aftermarket cluster bulbs available on eBay. Make sure the GM instrument cluster bulbs you get are those meant for your truck. If you are not comfortable with removing a dashboard and soldering circuit boards, then you should ask a professional to help you change the bulbs. The earlier those bulbs are replaced, the sooner you can go back to enjoying your evening rides in the safety and warm glow of the soft light they shine.